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NetCDF Java

The NetCDF Java library implements the Common Data Model (CDM) to interface netCDF files to a variety of data formats (e.g., netCDF, HDF, GRIB). Layered above the basic data access, the CDM uses the metadata contained in datasets to provide a higher-level interface to geoscience specific features of datasets, in particular, providing geolocation and data subsetting in coordinate space.

Current Release

This is the latest stable release of the netCDF Java libary is (unknown).

Maintenance Release

This is the latest maintenance release of the netCDF Java libary (version (unknown)) in support of the THREDDS Data Server.

Beta Release

The beta-test release of (unknown package) is version (version):

Notice About Prior Releases

Historic releases of the netCDF-java library are available on GitHub and the Unidata artifacts server.

Unidata does not provide support for older versions of netCDF-java and strongly encourages everyone to use the latest release.

Please direct any queries and questions about older versions of netCDF-java to:

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